... positively know this is the place to go for answers regarding medical and medication related problems. This is a big problem for me now and in the past. I fall asleep at night to awaken in approximately two hours to find, much to my dismay, that I am unable to return to sleep. Personally, sleep deprivation is not my favorite way to spend my life. Neither is being in constant excruciating pain, but that is another long story. I need help from someone besides a doc, who has given me every sleep medication or tranquilizer or whatever to shut me up. Nothing is working, not klonopin, xanax, ativan or restoril. Hmmmm. I wonder what the problem is, well I kind of know what the problem is, but me leaving the tv on all night long is not an option anymore, since I now share my bed once again and I would rather give up the tv, not the delicious man. a little history here... I am bipolar type 2 depressed,have a little ocd, major ptsd issues, some say a little bit of borderline personality (I disagree). Yesyerday my new Internist told me that my Cymbalta, which actually saved my life, has a major side effect of insomnia. Well I have been on it for years and this round of insomnia is new in the past 8 months. The only thing new in my life in the past 8 months is I moved in with my 78 year old mother to help take care of her. We live in a luxury condo on the golf course 12th fairway, beautiful. I won't even go back further than 8 months because it's too painful. Can anyone out in the greater cosmic experience give me any advice. I need help before I lose my mind again?
Thank you very much. I appreciate all responses.