... and for anxiety. I suddenly could not sleep in the middle of March. At the emergency i was prescribed Lorazepam. After 2 months i want to wean myself off of Lorazepam and my doctor supports my decision. i started to reduce Lorazepam to .40 mg since Sunday. My sleep is still very disturbed. On an average i get 3 nights good sleep a week. But i want to come off of Lorazepam as it is making me very depressed and unproductive. My doctor told me to take .25 mg next week, .25 mg once in two days the following week, etc. Is this taper o.k or too fast? I am still on Mirtazapine and will be for a few months. I am so longing for good sleep everyday. i am also going through perimenopause with estrogen dominance. Since March my cycle has become very irregular. Could this affect my sleep and cause anxiety and depression?My ob/gyn refuses to give me hormones. Thank you for any help i could get.