She starts me out on Requip, which I'm allergic to ... closed my throat ... so I can't take any of that type of med ... and now she says my sleep study didn't really show RLS but more periodic limb movement ... in other words my legs go non stop in my sleep ... anyhow ... so she gave me Restoril 30 mg and Klonopin 1 mg. (which I was to take with the Requip) ... so what I have been doing for over a month is taking about .5 of the Klonopin at 9 pm and then 1 of my Restoril (30 mg) at 10 pm and then bed at 11 pm and doing really really well ... I asked for a refill of the Klonopin ... no problem ... so then I forgot to ask for a refill of the Restoril and now she says she doesn't want me taking both ... she's the one that gave them to me ... I'm so frustrated ... after many many months and many many meds I'm finally stabililzed in my sleep schedule and doing really well ... she said she wants to either increased one or the other ... but not to take both ... I tried to explain the best that I can via e-mail that this is what I found is working for me ... I'm finally SLEEPING and having no side affects ... if she increases these (one of them) meds I'm afraid I will then start all over again with the side affects and such ... I really don't want to start NOT sleeping again :( It just seems like when my sleep study didn't show "true" RLS and I'm allergic to the Requip ... she has pretty much washed her hands of me at this point ... how's that for care? :(