... good thing ... no masks or machines to deal with. She said it "appeared" I am getting in to all 4 sleep stages ... I question that since I took 30 mg of Serax the night of the study, they and the doc did know I was going to take it. But, they found, tah-dah, restless leg syndrome and she said that would make sense as to why I can start to fall asleep and poof I'm back up or at least I'm thrashing around and then can't sleep ... so she has offered Klonopin along with Requip or Mirapex ... does any one have any experience with any of these three meds? She said the Klonopin is in the same family as Serax, which it is. I have actually stopped using the Serax and switched to the Restoril I have on hand ... seems to be somewhat consistent now which I needed