So I have a sleep study scheduled for Aug. 6th ... she said "take your Serax" and you will be fine over that night ... hmm, we shall see as I can't sleep anywhere buy my own bed in my own bedroom ... he-he ... might get interesting ... she did give me more Serax to use in the meantime ... she wants to rule out apnea ... she doesn't think it is an issue but wants to make sure and just check my over all sleep stuff ... I also was sent back to my primary to request something for anxiety/ocd type problems ... the sleep doc suggested Zoloft ... so I agreed, somewhat I might add, reluctantly as I just don't like the sexual side affects of the SSRI's ... maybe since I am only doing 50 mg for a week and then up to 100 mg I won't have as many issues in that regard? Any thoughts.

It was really interesting after talking to the sleep doc and she went over all the meds I have been given and their results or lack there of and the fact that my primary gave me Wellbutrin ... was a big mistake in my care ... she said she personally would have never prescribed Wellbutrin for someone with my personality ... she said I am in hyper-over drive ... lol ...

I told her I'm so tired of people telling me to "calm down" We dairy farm on 200 acres here in PA, homeschool 2 of our 6 children ... 5 children are still at home and I'm taking some classes myself ... so I'm busy busy busy and very organized and probably a little borderline ocd :)

So at least the appt gave me a glimmer of hope? :)