... sleep are as follows. First of my ears ring more so at night than they do when there is noise during the day. next I can't seem to shut of my brain from the need to read, write,thoughts of what needs to be done or not done. I can feel my body is tired but the brain won't give up the goat to sleep. I also wakeup sometimes not at all and other nights 1 to 3 times a night. At times when I do get to sleep in the moring at 3a, 4a, 5a, or not t all for a 24 hour period it hard to get myself to actually wake up. For about a year I was prescribed a sleeping medication. that worked to get me to self with the same problem f not being able to wake up when needed. My need is I have at 10 year old in house I have to gt of to school Monday thru Friday. I'm starting to get at my wits in with no sleep and my ears ring all the time at night? An one with suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all, D