... without sleep so much that I can't make simple decisions anymore. I had gone 5 days and nights (the longest so far) without a wink of sleep. My husband took me to the hospital because I was actually starting to have chest pains because of this and they put me in a mental rehab! I was exhausted not mental, well by that time I probably seemed to be. I don't think anyone can act very stable after going that long with no sleep. I have been on seroquel, but hate the side effects and can not take it. Nothing over the counter helps and I have tried them all. My daughter gave me a klonidine (I think that's spelled right)and that did help but how do I tell my Dr.? I have gone through this for so many years and yes I kinda know what doesn't work, but that did and I was so relieved to have found it but is that a sleeping medication? She told me that it was and she would never give me anything that she thought would hurt me but she knows what I go through and sees me go without sleep so much that she was trying to help, and it did. but is this something to talk to my doctor about?