... think help me sleep, I have been prescribed 1mg klonopin for my daily general anxiety, 0.5mg xanax for panick attacks and faster relief of the attack, 5mg valium but it only works just as the klonopin for my anxiety not for sleep as I was told, 10/325 norco for my chronic back pain and 5mg ambien. I thought that I would with all of these especially the Ambien because I've taken it before and always helps me fall asleep that combined with definately not all but some, like the xanax and maybe one Norco on occasion for my pain that this would not only put be to sleep but keep me to sleep. Well, I can fall asleep just fine now, I just can't stay asleep... ugh why is it that when one thing is "fixed" something else "breaks"? I heard something regarding Anbien CR that it specifically for both issues, it's I think 12.5mg and used to help you fall asleep as well as because of the controlled release or extended released call it what you will, it puts you to sleep then keeps you asleep until you are well rested. Any ideas? Thank you ahead of time. -Eri-