... I have severe insomnia and had insomnia for most of my life (I'm 28). I recently moved to Korea 3 months ago, and it seems as though my insomnia as gotten worse. I was taking both Zolpidem 10mg and 12.5 mg dosages. However, I didn't like the amnesia that it caused. Since I've have recently have been getting anxiety (bi polar disorder has been ruled out) my doctor prescribed me alprazolam to help with my insomnia and anxiety, but the aplrazolam only helped ease the anxiety, but I still never get tired. I have had 2 sleep studies performed, but all of causes of my insomnia has been ruled out. My mind is clear when I go to sleep, it's just that I don't get tired like normal people, even though I don't drink caffine, I only use my bed for sleeping, and I have a regular sleep schedule. What other course of action could I take. Maybe a lesser dosage of zolpidem and alprazolam combined? Any other drug that does not have similar side effects of zolpidem that could possibly work. The .25 mg alprazolam doesn't even cause the slightest amount of drowsiness, even when I took 4 pills at once. Please help!!