Hello, I've been taking escitalopram for six days now and I've been having severe anxiety and insomnia. I already was pretty much against taking the antidepressant that I was already anxious. The first few days everything seemed to irritate me so easily that my heart wouldn't stop racing so fast the entire days. I feel tense and burning around my neck and shoulders. When I try to sleep I always wake up with jolts of hot flashes and a racing heart. And this keeps me anxious whenever it happens. One-a-night Valerian only worked so far for a few hours of sleep until it stopped. SleepEezy doesn't work either. I tried sleeping during the day as well but that went down my hole of hopelessness

I also have some sort of urinal infection which my doctor prescribed me to take MacroBID for. Funnily I saw then change in my urine's colour the time I started taking the antidepressant.

I often if not always feel so hot that if I put my blanket on me It'll disturb me and when I take it off I feel cold.

I feel ill from losing sleep and I don't know what to do anymore. Is there anyone else who is/was going through this too? Any suggestions?