... simply put, as in my case, I sleep for example, one, two nights fairly soundly, then, like clock work, the third night is in and out of some kind of sleep, if I can call it that. My evening med at one time was seroquel, 300mg which worked fairly fine/well in conjunction with, well at one time it was lexapro, now its cymbalta. I often wonder, why two say three nights of sleep, fairly desecent, not totally in a comatose type of sleep, but enoughy to make me happy, and then poof! I asked my dr. and he really, like me, couldn't come up with an answer. The pattern is what I don't understand. When the "combo" was Seroquel and lexapro, I slept very deeply. The seroquel, after some 3 years of being on it, was dropped because of the cost factor. Cymbalta costs are almost nil. (I use mirtazapine, cheaper). So my night combo now is Cymbalta and Mirtazapine. A "good" (smile) nights sleep is say... oh about four to five hours. Trully not much more than that, there are times, every once in awhile, maybe six. But not very often. Thanks for your ear and wishing everyone well. Goodbye for now then