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Insomnia after heart attack anyone?

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itsmetoo2 6 Apr 2010

This happens more often than you think. Since having your heart attack all you can think about is how close you came to loosing everything. Life is short and you almost proved how short it is. The insomnia is you thinking about life. You need to get a grip and be thankful that it was not your time and enjoy what you have. You may have to see a religious person or a therapist. Sometimes you need a dose of reality, You are blessed.

christineATU 6 Apr 2010

Not me personally, but my dad. Tossed and turned all the time. Up and down, in and out of bed etc. He would say, "Oh, just a case of the jitters, afraid I won't wake up again." Nonsensical comments because he got a clean bill of health after his heart attack and recuperation time. You went through hell, both emotionally and physically. Of course this is normal. Some people handle it well, others don't. As long as your health is good and your heart is good, maybe ask your cardiologist for a sleep aid to take at bedtime. Heart attacks are very very serious. You made it through! Look for that comfort zone in your mind, come to terms with what happened, accept it, and move on. Surround yourself with the people you love and love you back! What you don't need is anxiety and worries about a repeat of what happened to you. Let the stressors in your life go.

Insomnia 7 Apr 2010

Hi Chris... We would make a team all right for the marathon!!! I have a chow/husky mix... He loves to run... I'll hook him up to a tandem wheelchair and off we go down the Chicago streets. Stress free race...
Thx for the answers I recvd. Yes, it was a serious hospital stay... It started as a asthma attack!!! So severe it gave me the heart attack... Fight for life almost 3 hrs. Body to weak. They almost coded me. I must be thinking ab out it subconsiously. Have come to terms with it but still can/t sleep. Went fo doc and got a sleeping aid. Was exhausted.
THanks for support everyone.


Chyk41 30 Oct 2011

Yes, a large number of patients who survived a heart attack suffer with insomnia. Most of it comes from the time of night in which your HA took place. The other come from stress and last is fear. If it continues for any amount of time you need to talk to your doctor because it maybe a sign of depression. Looking for some form of support is signs that you are headed in the right direction.

Inactive 3 Nov 2011

Insomnia, glad to hear you went to doctor & got a sleeping aid, but what about during the day? Are you sill very anxious, & what did your doctor prescribe? I have heard about a lot of excuse the pun, nightmares about ambien, & hope this is not what was prescribled for you. A dose of .5 mg of xanax would have done the job & especially if you added benadryl or TylenolPM which has the benadry in it The combination of the two work wonderfully for relaxtion & sleep together, plus a small dose of the xanax can be helpful during the day for anxiety too. It is a wonderful drug. I hope you are sleeping better, but am curious as to what you are taking...

Inactive 3 Nov 2011

I should have added that my husband has had a heart attack, 3 stents in the anterior descending looking at 3 more in about a year or so, & has a pacemaker. The drug xanax & Tylenol PM is what his heart doctor has prescribed for him to help with sleep because of his chrontic pain... free discount card

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