... doctor to control my anxiety, chronic back pain and insane isomnia so I want to know what the best combo. to take before bed? I have medications of 1mg klonopin which helps with the generalized daily anxiety I have, I was given 0.05 Xanax which she gave along with 10mb of ambien to help with my insomnia and the 10/325 Norco for my back pain. I usually take and hae been prescribed 1mg Xanax but I beleive she chose 0.05mg because it is to take along with the 10mg of Ambien for to fall asleep. Needless to say if I take the Klonopin and the Norco along with this I am sure I will be feeling pretty good and fall asleep with out a doubt, well I would hope so at least. So what would the best combination be before bed. Just one 0.05mg of xanax and one 10mg of ambien? Or what I am used to taking, 2 0.05mg xanax=to 1mg and one 10mg of ambien??? Or possibly 2 10 mg of ambien? I don't want to over due it ya know, but I'm going on now almost 3 days with no sleep and I desperately need it... any suggestions? Anyone still awake and able to answer... I know it is pretty late. I thank you ahead of time to those who do take the time to offer their advice. =)