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How does the inside of the vagina normaly looks ?

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kimichi 20 Feb 2012

You'll have to be more specific. Are you asking if there's something wrong down there? I want to help let me know if I can. By the way I am a woman.

199439xx 20 Feb 2012

Like around the whole on theinside because for the first time I checked my self in front of a mirrow and I Thot it was supposed to look really smooth plain with nothing on it but I found like this bumps Theu don't hurt or anything

199439xx 20 Feb 2012

Ijust wanna know if it not suppose to have anything

kimichi 20 Feb 2012

Ok sorry to ask you to be more specific again but can you? The vagina should have a pair of fat outer lips and a pair of inner thinner longer lips . Above the hole is some natural ridges in between the clitoris and the hole. Underneath the hole is the hymen and that should be smooth. If the bumps are under or on the hymen you might have an infection of some kind.

199439xx 20 Feb 2012

Oh okay that really helped a lot :) thanks another question before you go ... after having sex is it normal for it to hurt ? And does the nuva ring cause it ?

kimichi 21 Feb 2012

It is completely normal to have pain down there after sex. Most commonly If there wasn't enough lubrication you will experience pain stinging and soreness around the hole and hymen. Even with all the lubrication if it's been awhile since you've had intercourse it will hurt because it's tight and not used to being stretched open that far. I don't belive that your nueva ring has anything to do with it. After intercourse your vagina may become inflamed and painfull where the hymen had stretched. I know it sounds odd but putting something cold like a Popsicle or ice pack on the area will numb the pain tremendously. Everything will go back to normal down there within a few days. I'm here for any questions and concerns you may have . I hope that I've helped. Sweet dreams girly

199439xx 25 Feb 2012

Thanks lovely it did help :)

kimichi 25 Feb 2012

I'm so glad. Talk to me any time

wannakno 17 Jul 2012

okay i sat down on a towel in the bathroom and open m legs and looked in the mirror. when i looked in the mirrior i saw this bump like thing that is in the pink area... I dont know what it is.. but i a hoping someone answer my question because my mom dont talk to me about anything free discount card

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