I have degenerative bone disease, broken vertebrae's & multi.operations. I was on Fentanyl patch 100mcq every 24hrs. Just got changed to Opana ER 30 in am & 40mg in PM plus 80mg total of methadone per day. I've only been on Opana ER for a month, like the fact that I don't have to wear a patch plus the pain control was up & down. My insurance company called today b/c they asked for 6 months of records to make sure I can get my BT med Fentora 200mcq up to 4-6 buccales each day(mostly 4). The insurance comp. said they will not pay for any Fentanyl medications. I'm allergic to morphine, I go to my doctors tomorrow and need to know what might be a good option for me for my breakthrough pain. Has anyone used reg. Opana or anything else? Thank you in advance for any help. I'm scared I won't be able to function & I'm sure my Dr's knew the change was going to be done this month. I don't feel like it's just by chance that my doctor just changed me to Opana ER last month from fentanyl patches. Also, if there is a conversion chart that lists BT meds w/ dose conversion Thanks for your help!