so, I am wondering if I am Innatentive. I'm confussed because people say hyperactive is you cant stay still and innatentive is your lazy and loose concentration. When I was younger I couldnt stay still. They pu tme in extra gym classes and I actually did 99 push ups under a minute with the gym teacher outting hand down so my chest hit the floor, so they were doen correctly, anyway, through out my life around age 13 I started taking power naps, once i woke up I was a machine, then I started sleping more, became more anti social, I am now 33 and taking Vyvanse.I have been on it for a month. 50 mg. My energy is coming back, I am social again not paronid or unconfident like I am naked around people(thats how I felt ) and my focus seems to be improving. people at my work see a big difference no doubt. I and wiht my focus , I just have to sit down and try . I then end up doing it for hours but say if I come home and dont pull out the homework, I iwll either end up sleeping or listning to music all day, so this medication you really have to decide what your going to do and then keep track how long your doing it. I once wrote an email taht took me about 5 hours. I was going to send ntes to my doctor then I as like, why am I writing a 10 page letter to my doctor? . so my question is?
It seems like I would be both right? I mean why does a stimulant make me focus better but make me normal again? If I drank a case of reb bulls, it doesnt do anything to me, maybe be in a good mood for an hour or 2 but on this, I feel like myself again.I even like taking walks because I like to listen to the world.
oh the other day I said it made me very sociable, well today i decided to keep myself buisy and sing in my head and suck on a jolly rancher, after a few hours peope started talking to me, they were probably wondering why I was so quiet compare to yesterday. so I can stop talking on it and not talk for hours but I do have to be care full being in a conversation, I end up talking for hours.