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What is inj propofol?

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Inactive 27 Dec 2012

Hello lucky061284,

Active Ingredients: Propofol Injection
Brand Name: Diprivan

It belongs to the drug class of General Anesthetics.

Propofol is a drug that reduces anxiety and tension, and promotes relaxation and sleep or loss of consciousness.

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cupcake7667 28 Dec 2012

Propofol is most commonly used in the ICU for people on life support or as an anesthesia for surgery. What's great about it is as soon as you cap the IV and stop the administration of the medicine, people wake right up. What's not great about it is it contains calories (fat calories) so it isn't recommended for long term use in ICU setting. I know this because I'm a dietitian in an ICU. It's also the medicine Michael Jackson overdosed on due to careless monitoring and misuse of the drug. It's not meant to put you to sleep at night then turned off in the morning so you can start your day. I've only seen it used in a hospital setting, never an Rx med.

happybrandee 28 Dec 2012

It is an anestetic used in the Operating room! It is also the drug that Michael Jackson's doctor killed him with, (or Overdosed him on, however he did it, it still was illegal for the doctor to give it to him outside of the Hospital!!) but it can be very dangerous if used in the wrong way!! free discount card

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