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What ingredients Re in tramadol?

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kaismama 1 Aug 2013

tramadol is the only active ingredient. As far as inactive its impossible to say with generics, since each manufacturer might use different inactive ingredients.

supertori 1 Aug 2013

Thank you. My Gram is allergic to morphine and codiene and she's been acting and talking crazy on the tramadol the hospital is giving her. Was wondering if either of those were some sort of ingredient in tramadol.

kaismama 2 Aug 2013

Oh no, any active ingredient has to be disclosed. They can't sneek anything into someone, and tramadol is all there is in it.

Delila 2 Aug 2013

Hi, Tramadol acts like an opiate, so is very similar to Morphine & Codeine, but as Kiasmama has stated, these are not ingredients of Tramadol. This could be why your Gran is acting this way. free discount card

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