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What ingredient in Alli has caused my migraines to increase?

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ej_the_dj 21 Apr 2015

I have not read the ingredients on Alli because I have never been interested in it. However, my best guess is the possibility of TWO things: monosodium glutamate, (MSG) and/or YELLOW FOOD COLORING, no matter the number behind it. While I don't react to MSG, thank God, I DO react to YELLOW FOOD COLORING. YELLOW FOOD COLORING IS A GUILTY CULPRIT IN MANY THINGS THAT I COULD EAT, DRINK OR TAKE IN AN OTC VITAMIN SUPPLEMENT, AND EVEN IN MANY PRESCRIPTION MEDS. So, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you start watching those things very closely, to see if YELLOW FOOD COLORING is the guilty party. I saw once an article on news webpage where yellow food coloring could be the guilty culprit for MANY people having migraine headaches; and then, the headline read, "Yellow Food Coloring Could be Culprit for Migraines; FDA says Not Enough Proof." The article went on to say that their tests were 'inconclusive'. I turned around from the computer and told my husband, 'inconclusive' my HIND QUARTERS!!! But watch out, because it's in EVERYTHING, LITERALLY. Kraft mac and cheese all sorts, except anything branded 'VELVEETA'. For whatever reason, Velveeta products don't have it, including the macaroni and cheese dinners. Thank God. That leaves me at least ONE way to still eat a long-time favorite! It's in pizza, almost anything you can think of. All I can say, is to read the ingredients on EVERYTHING you buy at the grocery store. My husband and I read ANYTHING THAT WE THINK IS QUESTIONABLE FOR ANY OF MY MIGRAINE TRIGGERS, including ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS. It could even be that Alli might have an artificial sweetener in it, such as ASPERTAME, or something. I have found that the ONLY artificial sweetener that I can use now, is SPLENDA. And that, only because it's made from granulated sugar. However, it's processed differently at the plant; so, our bodies process it differently, too. It works like ZERO calories because there ARE zero calories in that sweetener. Thank for letting me share with you. I'm sorry that like me, you have those awful headaches. Good luck. (I'd quit taking the Alli, if I knew that it was triggering my headaches. OUCH!!! ) I sympathize because I've been there and done that. Sold the t-shirt only to find it didn't sell! Sometimes, I still get those awful headaches, and that's still pretty awful... Like I said, good luck. free discount card

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