I got put on Clozapam .5mg, 3 times a day about a year or two ago.
I just found out it is harder to have children and if they do they have birth defects. I am 21 years old. And I have a seizure disorder but I take Keppra twice a day, 1000mg. I do want to have children in the future, but I'm concerned about the clozapam medication. Does anyone recommend any other anti epileptic medications? I had a daughter almost 3 years ago and I was taking keppra and I didn't have any issues she came out very healthy. Keppra and Clozapam are the only two medications I take but I'm really worried about the Clozapam.
When I tried to get weaned off of it about a year ago I got down to half a pill once a day and when I stopped that I was so anxious I had a seizure. So they put me back on it. But now that I've actually been reading about the medication I wish there was something else I could take instead. I also move a lot so it's difficult to get it prescribed with a hand written prescription. It doesn't do that much for me it seems like compared to all the trouble it causes me. I don't like relying on medication but I do need to take anti epileptic medication. I do not have insurance and it would be extremely hard to see a neurologist but I wish I could. I just want to see what anyone else has to say about my situation.
Any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you!