i found out with my last surgery that i have crohns disease and i really don't know what to expect?!i am a chronic pain suffer already !!does crohns cause pain too?i have already lost a foot of my small intestines .my last surgery was to repair a hernia but morning of the surgery doctor said it looks like he was just gonna be cleaning up some infection ,ct scan didn't show a hernia !!well he was wrong ,i had a huge hernia that he repaired and i had stuff like jelly around my apendix so he removed it .plus he removed some very hard scar tissue .and then he removed more of my intestines.i lost 6 inches a few years ago due to acid reflux in my intestines and poylps in them ,doctor told me altogether i lost a foot of my intestines!will i lose more or can they put me on meds to help!!with all i have wrong ,i'm a little worried !!also my nash disease is now cirr. of the liver early stages.doctor seems to think since i've lost over 100 pounds that it won't get no worse!!thanks for all of your help!!