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Any info on Cannabis oil?? Good bad?

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Stephen Treloar 1 Sep 2017

Hi Gary, almost nothing has ever been posted here because of different States, different laws. In 3 years I have seen about 3 medical marijuana questions here and they were all, "what do I say to get it?" Not exactly helpful is it? :-)

Stephen Treloar 1 Sep 2017

Pain people seem to prefer the high CBN strains over stoners who want THC.

GaryBry7722 1 Sep 2017

Lol nope I guess not.
Just started looking so first web page I have checked out. If you know of info please let me know.
I have been taking maybe 2 weeks now. Notice so help but not sure if oil or something else.


I take medical Marijuana for my diabetic neuropathy and my feet don't hurt as much as they did. My arms still hurt though at night. might be because I had frozen shoulder syndrome and they will never be good again. Weak and painful at night.

Christy38 27 Nov 2018

I live in Florida, medical marijuana is legal. I have epilepsy and thought this was going to be my cure all, ha! Nope unfortunately for whatever reason despite me taking the cbd oil 18 drops 3x a day and doing the vape when I have a seizure, still having them!!! Ive had my right temperol lobe removed because of an abnormality, been on every seizure drug made, have a VNS and even the medical marijuana is not helping AT ALL!!! In fact ive been having more! I dont get it!!! Still taking my seizure meds, nothing is helping... im pissed depressed have very bad anxiety because of it and thinking about not even taking the cannabis anymore. I dont get it!!! The oil i take is 99% cbd and less than .1% thc..i cant tell anything when i do the oil. When i do the vape, its like 13% thc and 87% cbd, it barely helps with my anxiety and makes me like blah! Just wanna go to sleep. But im a mom and wife and cant sleep all day, been having seizures for 21 yrs now. free discount card

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