I have been symptomatic for 8 days, fever for 7, I started to improve for about 24 hours but that stopped and some symptoms returned. I was diagnosed with Flu A on day 4 and told I'll have only a few more days of misery. Today I saw a PA who checked my lungs, all is well. He said I could have a fever for up to two weeks with influenza. He gave me a prescription for antibiotics and said take them if I'm getting worse or if I have no improvement for 5 additional days. Everything I've read says a fever passed 5 days is more likely to be bacterial. I'm completely bed ridden ill, it's not like I'm functioning at all, and on day 7 of fever. I can deal with residual congestion/cough etc but being so sick that I can hardly get up to pee for 8 days seems excessive. I can't do that for 5 more days!

So my question is, should I start the antibiotics or wait longer? Everything I've read says viral fevers don't typically last beyond 5 days, even with the flu. I'm a very healthy person, I have ran countless 1/2 marathons, a full marathon, I mountain bike regularly, and I've chosen to have an unmedicated child birth. I'm pretty tough. everyone around me who also got sick is now up and living life again while I'm stuck in bed with a stupid fever and such.