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Can I take infliximab with low dose naltrexone?

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Inactive 7 Aug 2013

"Talk to your doctor before using naltrexone together with inFLIXimab. Naltrexone may cause liver problems, and taking it with other medications that can also affect the liver such as inFLIXimab may increase that risk."

Click on the link for the full interaction:,1684-0

Take care,

sclues 8 Aug 2013

thanks Masso - I'm aware of the risk involved if you are taking Naltrexone at the normal 50mg but low-dose naltrexone is 4.5mg ... I was curious if anyone had any information about the combination of LOW-DOSE naltrexone with Infliximab ...

Inactive 8 Aug 2013

You are welcome.-

bruthd 31 Aug 2013

Sclues Unfortunately I do not have an answer to your question but would like to ask you what kind of MD prescribed LDN for you. I've been on a quest to find an MD to prescribe LDN as none of the other meds for fibromyalgia have worked for me. How is it working for you and what are you taking it for? Hoping it is giving you relief. BRuthD

sclues 31 Aug 2013

hi BRuthD,

I am fortunate to have found an integrative GP. she used to work in a clinic along with naturopaths and homeopaths and so has an open mind when it comes to alternative treatments. I presented her with the facts (of what I had found online) and she also did some research during my appointment and agreed that it was worth trying.

I started on the 4.5mg a few weeks ago but I had side effects including being jittery and unable to sleep so I stopped after two days. I am waiting for the new script of 1.5mg to arrive and will start out on the lower dose when it arrives.

Although I had side effects, I also had an immediate improvement in my symptoms so I'm confident that it works. I am taking it for Crohn's disease.

best of luck finding a GP :) sharon free discount card

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