Infections - I am taking Acyclovir for a recurring viral infection in my mouth that presents with a large blister that covers the roof of my mouth... very sore. I also get at the onset, flu like symptoms and pain in my left eye. I have been told that the virus "hibernates" in my brain and becomes active when I am stressed, get sick, or sometimes for no apperant reason. Acyclovir is doing a good job and I am mostly symptom free. But if I miss a dose, I can feel the sore blister trying to come back. It is that persistant. The doctor said I have to "take a vacation" from taking Acyclovir and that time is coming up in Februray. Can anyone explain why I need to take a break. Doc never did explain that to me. I just know it will allow the virus to attack me again. I would ask the doc, but she isn't always available for questions.
Thanks for any information.