I am an active heroin user and i normally do about 4-6 bags per day. Well today I tried to induct again and i went about 32 hours from last use. I took 4mg and then waited another 3 hours and took another 4mg and I still feel no better. So being the addict that I am i went and used. Could it be that my tolerance level is to high? I was on suboxone for about 5 years on maintance 8mg per day and it worked great. I actually dropped fown to 2mg per day then 2mg every other day. Well due to a vehicle accident I had i had to get off of the suboxone because no pain medication they gave me would help me. Anyway now I need to go back to work and I can until I get myself back on suboxone and stable on it. Methodone is no choice for me I get random drug tested at work and if I am found to have methodone in my system I will lose my job. Please I need some help doing this can anyone help me. I am going to drop my tolerance level down from heroin before I try induction again. I hear so many people who do so much more heroin than I do and it works great for them. But it does nothing for me. If anyone can put me on the right track i woulf really appreciate it. Also if anyone can forward this to robert_325 so that maybe he can respond to me i will be forever in your debt. I can be reached at willie9433@gmail.com Thank you and god bless.