Ive just had my first gout attack.I am 49 . play football.work on the tools, strong fit , a little over weight. Went on a all day piss up with wine and beer and calamari etc . next day BANG . coudnt walk.. next day average limping bad , next day worked and suffered bad and that night major pain again. Went to see my doc. ( i trust him ) He took me straight off Hydrochlorthiazide saying it can cause gout. He gave me Indomethacin and over night it was gone. Job done !! Now im off it and waiting to see if the drug has removed my terrible achillies tendinitis as well because that has gone too. I have suffered for around the last 6 months or more with very sore feet and knees and my question is simply was this mild gout. Because you see its all gone now even other long term pains and aches and its two days since i took any meds