Oh, it's my dogs CIPRO. Haven't seen dentist since I was laid off in 2008; bad genetics left me with 8 missing teeth and a lot of pain. Regular dental insurance caps out with yearly max, and I need about $25,000 in dental work but am in PAIN! So while I understand that: 1/ there shouldn't be left over antibiotics for dogs or humans - my dog ended up allergic to it; and 2/ beware of vet grade medicines for humans... reality is reality and it's hard to believe that there is any difference in "vet grade" meds when the vet's Cipro I am holding is the exact same pill & exact same markings, shape, size & color as the pill that pops up on this pill identifier. I hardly believe the FDA would allow human and vet meds to carry the identical specs and markings.
What is the correct dose so I can at least get something started and maybe skip a meal or two so I can see a dentist on Monday? Thanks