I have been taking 200 mg of Bupronin SR (100 mg/100mg at 12 hour intervals) for 7 weeks. It was a rough start with insomnia and ringing in my ears but after 3 weeks I felt calm and depression free. At 7 weeks I still feel calm and depression free but I also feel very unmotivated to do anything. I can waste hours just sitting and thinking about what I should be doing. Also I can't seem to feel rested even when I get plenty of sleep. Is this normal? I was wondering if increasing the the recommended 300 mg a day I would get to a more productive state. In the beginning I could not handle 300 mg a day, that's why my Dr. told me to stay at 200.
Also, since I have a prescription for 100 mg pills, can I split them in half to get two 150mg doses? Or should I get a new prescription?