Hello. I'm a 27 year old female. I'm hypothyroid (taking Levothyroxine 75mcg) and stable. I'm also a diabetic that was diet controlled, but now on Acarbose 25mg three times daily with meals due to low blood sugar. I also take a few others like B12, etc. Since high school I've suffered from chronic fatigue. As an adult I tried Celexa (horrible side effects) and Effexor which didn't really work at all. I've been on Wellbutrin XL 150mg for about 8 weeks. It's helped a lot! But I still don't think I'm where I need to be. I took it once in the AM, but was having horrible insomnia. I actually switched to PM a week ago and that solved that. I was sleeping 10-12 hours at night plus 2-4 hours for a nap. I'm not napping anymore except occasionally due to extra activities that would make anyone tired. I'm wondering if I should ask my doctor to increase me to 300mg or add a secondary medication. Fatigue and lack of motivation are really my only symptoms. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!