Massive stress, surgery, lost my job, medical ins and major family issues. All alon- no support systems. Have been increasing meds. Tonight took 4 xanax(.25), lunesta 4 mg and 2 Norco plus 2 glasses of wine. Is this too much? I can’t handle anymore in my life. Moved to new town 6 months ago to live closer to my daughter and grandkids. She’s mad at me and hasn’t spoken to me in a month . I know no one else in this town and just had 2nd surgery with no one to help me. Recovery will take 6-12 months so I can’t even look for a job. I spent 99% of my time alone without human contact. I spend most of my days in bed or on my couch. Have a cast on dominant hand and other had is weak and painful with arthritis-I need surgery on that hand next. How can I dig my way out? My state disability ins runs out in 3 months and I only have enough savings to last another3 months after that. I can start collecting my retirement for 21/2 years. Any helpful advice would be appreciated