... I went up to 20 a few days ago from 15, and this morning I woke up with a bad case of jitters and stomach ache, the stomach ache subsided but the anxiety rose till I was literally standing against a wall shaking and very upset. It wasnt a true panic attack (no doom feelings) but it was very unpleasant and I was breathing fast and in tears at a point. I took an extra .25 klonopin which calmed me down, then called the doc who said its okay to take the extra k since my usual daily total dose of 1 mg is not excessive. He says the anxiety will pass soon, but I really don't want to go thru that again soon. I will not let the anxiety get so far again if I feel it tomorrow before taking klonopin, its too much. I am finding getting back on lex this time very rough with each increase, and still I don't feel as well as in the past on it. Sometimes it seems my depression has increased at least early in the day. In the past I had almost no side effects and 10 mg worked fine. In your experience or estimation, at 20 mg for 2 days and having been on it for 5 weeks or so at 10 then 15, how long before the big breakthru comes if ever?