Hey all,

I took 5mg of buspar for a few months and it worked great but I still had moderate anxiety. My doctor wanted to bump it up to 15 mg per day total to see if that would help - 7.5mg morning and 7.5mg night. My first day I took 7.5mg in the morning and was unbearably dizzy for an hour or so. Decided to stop taking it after that and just go back down to the 5mg that worked well for me. 5mg was great, I was sleeping through the night for the first time ever and had low anxiety.

6 days ago I started taking 7.5mg at night (nothing in the AM). 3 days after that, my anxiety was crazy. My anxiety usually manifests in being "trapped" places like packed public transportation or small elevators, or having conversations with someone one on one... after 3 days on 7.5mg I didn't even want to go outside. Driving makes me freak out and I can't even begin to think about going to the grocery store. I wake up in the middle of the night at least twice having bad panic attacks. My body shakes and I'm nauseas. I thought I was sick but then realized it was probably the buspar. I'm only about 110 lbs and 5'4" and medication always affects me pretty strongly... I feel like I'm constantly having a bad panic attack. I took 5mg last night instead of 7.5 and feel a lot better today already but still not great...

Do you think it was the increased dose of buspar doing this to me? Will it go away? My doctor told me to go back down to 5mg until I can get in to see him and try another medication. How long until the 7.5 is out of my system and I return to my "normal" (haha) anxiety? I can't stand feeling like I can't drive or leave the house. Even thinking about going to work sends me into a tailspin and I've never felt like this before. Has anyone experienced anything similar?