The first week I feel I did ok, some fatigue, some burping/gassy feelings but figured out how to handle the gas/burps by taking my prilosec shortly after dosing and watching more closely what I eat and those side effects went away. I even lost 10 lbs the first week (I realize that is not going to be the normal but it was nice to get a good jumpstart). But yesterday I went up to 1.2 and now today have been very nauseated and experienced some dizziness. I decided to go back down to .6 today and then try again next week to increase to the 1.2. I could have tried to stick with the 1.2 but I cannot take the nausea/dizziness and was nervous. I did let my Dr know via email so he is aware of why I did not increase my dosage again. I also called Saxenda and they reported my problems to the FDA, I felt that was a bit extreme but they said they had to do it. Do any of you have issues like this when increasing your dosage? Should I have fought harder to push thru the nausea in order to stay on track?