I have been on Abilify for about 3 days now and today has been a REALLY bad day for me, a lot of hysterical crying and increased thoughts about just wishing I were dead. I am also currently on Zoloft, Clonazepam, Zolpidem and Prazosin. I have also been on Amoxicillin and Hydrocodone for about a week due to an infection in a root canal (in case these meds might be interacting negatively with the Abilify). I am on all these medications for treatment resistant depression, PTSD and anxiety disorder.
I have tried numerous other depression meds in the past and none have worked; Abilify is the latest one I am trying. I've also been under stress these past few days so maybe that's making me feel worse?
I just want to make sure I'm not having a bad side effect from the Abilify that is manifesting in increased depression. Thank you,