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What one can do to increase the sexual demand of women? Is there any specific medication for them?

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kaismama 22 Sep 2014

You don't need to drug us, just help do some things at home, and try a romantic dinner. And we do need foreplay.

kaw06 22 Sep 2014

Its usually nothing that a little time, understanding, patience, and foreplay won't fix! Lol you didn't say how old your wife is, but if it's menopause, it's will pass, and then look out.

Stephen Treloar 23 Sep 2014

Look in your spam folder every now and then and you can be the envy of your friends. Even the best spam filters in the world will lead you to a path of desirability and staying power.

kaismama 23 Sep 2014

lolol free discount card

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