Hello guys, i am new among you.(I am not much good at english by the way)
I have social anxiety disorder. I have began to use paxil. And now i take 20 mg once in a day(in the morning). But i haven't experienced much difference. I want to increase it 30 mg/day and if it doesn't work i'll do it 40mg/day. But however, there is no any other dosage of paxil except the 20mg one in my country. But there is 30,40 mg of paxera(equivalent, paroxetine). Should i continue with paxil taking 1.5 tablet(one tablet is 20mg) once or take 20mg in the morning and take 10 mg in the evening. If i should take it once in a day, instead of taking 1.5 tablet, i would take 30mg of paxera. It's same ingredient paroxetine anyway. There is no difference right? So what should i do?