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Incivek - Need help with fat grams b4 taking Meds any info I'm over what in doing?

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greyhog 7 Jan 2012

I am 6th week and the fat issue is still irritating but you have to do it for the telaprevir to work. search for list of high fat content foods and snacks on line. If you fast food eat get copies of their nutrition charts. For breaksfast I take 1 1/2 tbsp of Pure Virgin Olive oil and stir that in with a few ounces of Monster Milk (which is great protein source too!) The monster milk is heavy enough that it dulls the slipperyness of the olive oil. 1 cup of Whole milk is 16 grams of fat, so a bowl of cereal, a couples slices of toast with real butter, and/or peanut butter gets you to 20 too. The middle of the day snack can be things like a candy bar (Reese's penaut butter cups 14 g, snickers, 17g, etc.or cashews and almonds, you only need a few ounces (2 1/2 - 3) to get over 20g.3/4 cup of un-shelled pistachio nuts is 21g. At night you can splurge on a Dove Ice cream bar for about 24 grams! I have found that I am using the Olive Oil as the quick and easy to get the fat without alot of thought about what to eat or do I ike the taste. I use the oil as a good base because only 1 1/2 tbsp is 21g of good fat and easily mixed with whatever liquid you choose so you dont get locked into one drink only. Make yourself a smoothie of yogurt, fruit and olive oil for an tasty anytime drink. After 6 weeks I am still learning and adjusting which is what I am finding this whole treatment process demands. Stick with it but make darn sure you get the 20 grams of fat!!

Jewell.wise 12 Feb 2012

I have not started the med yet it this was very helpful

Supportive wife 28 Feb 2012

I don't know if you are still on the regimen but, I found that coconut milk is high in fat, so I would make my husband protein shakes with the coconut milk, also used aloe juice, which helped cut some of the burning in his mouth and other orifices, or peanut butter in the shake. The other thing I found was avocado, very high in fat, but also healthy for husband is also a diabetic so this posed another issue, usually fat comes with a lot of sugar. Good luck free discount card

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