I have completed the 12 weeks of incevik!!! Besides almost dying last week due to a harsh anemia caused by the severe decline in my hemoglobin levels, I was able to stagger across the finish line and now 3 days later am beginning to feel better although still weak from the amenia. Doc did have me take two shots of Proclit to help stimulate the bone marrow to make more red blood cells which did the trick and walked me back from the need for blood transfusions. I mention this only because the onset of the anemia only ocured towards the end of week nine and really hammered me beginning in week eleven. Realizing that each of us have different side effect reactions I still think it's important to let you know how it affected me in the hopes that it might help you. My best suggestion is to make sure you get regular weekly blood tests and ask Doc to clearly monitor your HEMOCRIT and HEMOGLOBIN levels closely. If you see a week over week decrease in the HTC reading start demanding that they help with something to counter balance the loss of hemoglobin. One of things Doc did for me also was to reduce my ribavirin dose. Come to find out the ribavirin stays in our system for 70 days! so decreasing the dose (only under Docs okay please!) is not a deal killer as it regards killing this crap that has invaded us. So I'll ask my question now, does anyone have a good way to combat the crappy taste of many of the foods? The medicos call it a metallic taste but we all know it is something different than metal! I sure wold love a plate of italian spaghetti with good old tomato sauce but the tomato makes me want to puke due to the "metallic" taste