Of meds & vitamins would you recommend &when during the day should I take these combinations. My meds are as follows: ramipril 2. 5mg (once a day); metformin hci 500 mg (twice a day); plavix 75mg (once a day); aspirin (81mg);glucosamine with condroitin sulfates(500/400mg)-twice a day; calcium 500mg (once a day); vit. D(1000ui)-once a day; magnesium 250mg (once a day); coenzyne q10-100mg(once a day); crestor 20mg(once a day; rabeprazole 20mg(once a day). I am diabetic, although ,my last a1c was 6. 8. One yr. Ago ,i had a slight heart attack & 4 stents were put in.