Thank yall for the input I now have had 4 dr.s including my OB insure me the benefits do outweigh the risk. I rarely ever take the klonopin, and was taking 2-4 mg of subutex qd, and I hate the adderrall anyway, but recently went in the UAB comp clinic for eval and med levels I am not at anyway puttting my precious innocent unborn at risk. The levels were not even registering to the effective levels. Now on the other hand my child does stand the risk of withdrawls from the subutex after birth and may not, I have recently weaned myself more from the subutex to 1-2 mg a day, they told me not to stop bc of the risk of preterm labor and relapse, I haven't taken anymore klonopin, I never liked downers, as well as the adderall i hate, it is a downer to me, but the Dr's are making me come in once a week to check my blood levels to make sure I am taking the adderrall and subutex, I told them no klonopin, they insisted to keep it in case of emergency sit. I have a goal though to be off the subutex several wks before the baby is born and I don;'t care if they dont find adderall in me it's a great excuse not to take it. Plus this is not my life or theirs in my stomach that GOD blessed me with to be the Mother of and I can def, put it in front of my needs Please keep my baby, family, and myself in your prayers. I appreciate you guys so much. I was selffish years ago to my parents, Husband friends while abusing opiates but my baby shouldn't have to suffer the repurcussions of my past noone should. I five years sober and working on it min by min, hour by hour, day by day. Thanks for the support to yall and also to my wonderful parents and Husband Most importantly GOD in Heaven I give you all the glory for this. W/o HIM Nothing is possible, I wouldn't be who I am today have the wonderful family, spouse, new baby,It's all Due to GOD.