... finding pumonary nodules. I had CT scans every three months, used about 3 inhalers daily, experienced two needle biopsies, one leaving me with bacterial pnuemonia, and the other collapsed my lung... I had over 13 full routines of various antibiotics... became allergic to a few, and when I had infections from my ears clear down to my "hoo-hoo" I said "enough is enough".

I stopped the inhalers, and my severe asthma attacks disappeared...

I am now back to my normal weight... i had gained approximately 50 pounds... and it came off, all by itself, no diet.

I feel better, an improvement, however i still get alot of infections. I am getting over sinusitus currently, I had H1N1 last October, and in July i experienced a severe case of Shingles.

I am 54 years old and getting frustrated because I haven't been able to hold a job with all of my time off.

I won't take another antibiotic unless it is absolutely necessary.

How long is it going to take for my immune system to recover from all of this? Will I ever be able to hold a job again? (my husband is 100% disabled and we cannot manage without my income.) Family members are treating me like I am a loser that doesn't want to work, because they haven't SEEN how ill I have been. And I know that carrying all of the responsiblilties of his care through cancer, contributed to some of this.

The truth is I love to work, it gets me out of the house and away from the day to day trials...