I noticed white/cloudy discharge and some slight pain after urinating. Went to urgent care and they prescribed the typical dose for chlamydia/gonorrhea (1 four-pill dose of azithromycin) and treatment for trichomoniasis as well (1 four-pill dose if metronidazole).
I'm not certain the cause of the infection, be in oral sex or a vigorous masturbatory episode involving cocoa butter. Nevertheless, docs treated for worst case scenario because I've had gonorrhea in the past, and symptoms are consistent with trich.
It's been 5 days since I took both antibiotics but I do not see an improvement in the color and/or amount of discharge nor the pain after urinating.
Am I being unreasonable in thinking I should see some improvement in this amount of time after treatment?
I have had no sexual contact since taking the antibiotics, but I have masturbated (not certain if that will adversely affect anything).
I think I just need some reassurance that the symptoms will clear up and go away in time, before I decide to go back to the doc and tell them their treatment was unsuccessful.
Also, will penicillin treat trichomoniasis?