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Impramine/tofranil is anyone in the group taking this anti depressant?

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Fulvous 8 Oct 2015

I just started it a few days ago. So far it has not been nearly as sedating as amitriptyline was. I may actually start taking it in the morning instead of at bedtime. If you'd like I can check back now and then and let you know how it's going.

manager5 9 Oct 2015

Dear Fulvous,

Please check back and let me know... just to compare notes. Is this your first time with this drug?

Fulvous 9 Oct 2015

Yes, it's my first time with imipramine. I've taken amitriptyline before, but found it was far too sedating to function normally during the day. I've also tried nortriptyline, but couldn't sleep more than 3 or 4 hours a night while taking it. I'm hoping imipramine will be somewhere between those two. All of them have seemed to help with my mood, though.

Fulvous 10 Nov 2015

Hey, just checking back in to let you know how things have been going with imipramine. I titrated very slowly up to 75 mg nightly; I only started taking 100 mg nightly last week. So in total I've been on it for over a month, but I've only started taking the 'effective' dose four nights ago. I take it around 8:00 PM, two hours before I'm usually in bed. It does help me sleep, although I often wake at 5:00 or 5:30, then go back to sleep. The side effects are much more tolerable for me than they were with nortriptyline or amitriptyline. The dry mouth isn't that bad, my appetite seems normal, and the sexual dysfunction is very minimal (some loss of sensitivity when approaching orgasm). The only side effect that is challenging is constipation. I've been trying several strategies, but since increasing the dosage to 75 mg a few weeks ago I have not had regular/daily bowel movements. I've only noticed a shift in my mood over the last few days.

manager5 12 Nov 2015

Hi Fulvous,
Thank you for keeping your word. The constipation issue I answer with "earthflow" it is a probiotic and fiber tablet together. It helps with the constipation. I suffer that same side effect. However the relief from depression is remarkable. My dosage is 50 mg. per day. I feel better than I did at the 40 mg dose but I feel I could do better. I will talk to my doctor about an increase.

JNEVERB 6 Nov 2016

There are MANY Tofranil generics. Some generics have, I.e. 3℅ of the active ingredient. The AVERAGE dose is 150mg. It's VERY important to find the generic with the greatest API or buy BRAND. So far, Walgreens' manufacturer abbreviated "PAR" seems to work the best.

Aminmaluf 28 Dec 2015

I started take tofranil 150 mg, 40years ago, New, Itake 200mg tofranil. This drug answer me, but İt isn't same effective. I essayed other drugs, I had more side effects and, I continue to take tofranil.

manager5 30 Dec 2015

I started about 40 years ago with this drug also. I find it to be effective in relieving my anxiety and depression... however I am only taking 60 mg. now. I find relief at this dosage. The side effects are not so severe. I take laxaclear for the constipation... I purchase it from Amazon and it really helps. Keep on trucking... Manager 5 free discount card

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