In 2015 these meds will be dropped by express scripts and or caremark. These are the groups that your insurance uses for your prescription coverage. It pays to check your formulary for next year to see if it applies to you. It does not apply to medicare.

Abstral (Express Scripts)
Accu-Chek test strips and kits (Caremark)
All non-OneTouch strips and kits (Caremark)
Adderall XR (Caremark)
Aerospan HFA (Caremark)
Amrix (Caremark)
Apexicon E (Caremark)
Apidra (Caremark)
Aranesp (Express Scripts)
Axert (Express Scripts)
Benzaclin gel pump (Express Scripts)
Byetta (Caremark)
Cetraxal (Express Scripts)
Duexis (both)
Epogen (Express Scripts)
Euflexxa (both)
Farxiga (Caremark)
Fentora (Express Scripts)
Frova (Express Scripts)
Gel-One (Express Scripts)
Hyalgan (Express Scripts)
Incivek (Express Scripts)
Lunesta (Caremark)
Naprelan (Caremark)
Natesto (Caremark)
Norvasc (Caremark)
Orthovisc (Caremark)
Pancreaze (Express Scripts)
Pennsaid (Caremark)
Pertyze (Express Scripts)
Proventil HFA (Caremark)
Rebif (Caremark)
Stendra (Express Scripts)
Subsys (Express Scripts)
Supartz (Express Scripts)
Symbicort (Caremark)
Tanzeum (Express Scripts)
testosterone gel (both)
Ultresa (Express Scripts)

Veltin (Express Scripts)
Vimovo (both)
Vogelxo (both)
Zohydro ER (Express Scripts)

Its only the brand name drugs, so some have generics available.