Anyone with feedback??Recently I had to chage pain control Dr!s well the first thing he did was change my meds which in turn sent me into severe withdrawel even with the new meds.It has since taken 10 months to only keepng my pain,spasms,etc, tolerable.Also he convinced me that this implant would give me a better quality of life and hopefully I would be able to taper off of the majority of maintenance control meds.First I had the test implant for a weekend,but since no one had explained anything to me I did not have a clue what I was lloing for to happen.But believing he knew more than I I proceeded with the permanent implant a month later.So now my pain is back with a fury but my legs that had not given me any problems for the past 5 years are also keeping me up night after night jumping,cramping,spasmsing etc.And where I had been able to walk for a decent period of time it is physically impossible now.It now again takes me getting up and down at intervals to even prepare a meal.I would love to know others out there if anyone has had this implant and what in fact there results have been?Thankyou for any help and insight you may provide.Kathysbest