I had gotten off my period on May 24/25 and a week later on June 1st I had unprotected sex with my bf. He pulled out and came but I think some of the sperm went around or near my vagina. I freaked out about that and pre cum so I took Plan B about 6-7 hours later. The next day (June 2nd) I had spotting. A week later (June 8) I got a reddish/brown discharge which then went from heavy amount of blood one day to light bleeding for a few days with minor cramps somewhat like my period cramps. It ended today(June 12/13). I think this was my period but it wasn't as blood clotty as my usual period. Now my breast are tender and I'm bloating which is a sign before my period starts. Did I have Implantation bleeding or is it a cause of Plan B One step?