I got the mirena IUD inserted last Tuesday, and was told not to have unprotected sex until 7 days later.
Anyway, on Friday night (of the same week) I didn't use protection (against recommendation - stupid me) so I bought a morning after pill and I took it on early Sunday morning, because I also did it again Saturday night as I had the pill... (I know I'm stupid)

Now it's like 5/6 days later from the weekend (Thursday) and all day I've had intense cramps and felt nauseous, and have just noticed pink/brown spotting.

It's the first time I've had spotting or cramps since I got the mirena IUD inserted.

I know that I mplantation bleeding usually comes 3-6 days after conception, and then it's accompanied by cramps and nausea, so this is making me believe that what I'm noticing now is in fact implantation bleeding.

Is there a chance it could be from the IUD though?
I really don't want to be pregnant and would just like some opinions on the situation as it is not helping my anxiety!

Thanks in advance.