I had my implanon removed on Nov 13th, started to bleed rught away. started the pill the next day for about 4days then stopped taking the pill. I bled for 7 days. around the 27th of Nov I experienced cramping pains, but no bleeding.(the hubby and i were active for 3 days in a row before, and a few after the 27th).I looked around on the web. I'm thinking it was ovulation pains. Well the in the dec 5th I spotted very light pink. Not enough for a pad it tmpn. Then this morning I went to the restroom nothing, go back about 30mins later, saw brownish and reddish blood, put a tmpn in and a few hours later I took it out, there was basically nothing on it, wasn't even worth it. I've taken hpt, and nothing all negs. Me and my hubby have been having unprotected sex. I am wondering what could possibly be going on.