I've had the implanon in since June 2010 due to come out 2013 the first time I got my period it was for 16 days then went to 7 days an then after having it inserted for 4months it stopped then 5 months later came for 3 days lightly an then 8-9 months later (June 2012) had it for 7 days didn't have it for 2 days then another 7 days didn't have it for a little over a week an now I've had it since the 29th of June considering it is now the 14th of July an it still hasnt gone away I now feel uncomfortable all the time have now been really depressed for the last 2weeks an my mood swings have been crazy wild, I feel that it needs to end.. It ranges from heavy to light every second day the cramps are unbelievable.. I have noticed over the last couple of weeks/days there has been quiet a lot of clotting an my sex drive is crazy everytime I get it.. is there anything I should do or not do can some one please help me :/